More and more of our customers choose to add brush rollers to complement their wide belt sanders to expand their range of applications by structured and profiled surfaces. In serial production, brushing lines are already very common. Kündig builds such dedicated brushing machines but also provides brushing solutions for wide belt sanders with results that are just as precise and consistent.

The first thing a customer sees and feels on his new product are the surfaces. They're a critical selling point - be it oiled timber, veneered parts or exclusive lacquer work. We provide solutions for those perfect surfaces on almost every material and type of product.

A great deal of effort goes into sanding perfect surfaces while edges are often regarded as second priority. We at Kündig see this differently - edge quality is just as important as surface quality. So why shouldn't an edge sander be as heavily constructed as a widebelt sander? Why shouldn't it use the same advanced technologies? The Kündig Uniq series edge sanders do justice to the need for edges that are just as perfect as the rest of the product.

The oblique sanding technology has originally been developed for lacquer sanding. Compared to the well known parallel sanding technology the advantages are very apparent. Then, there is also the widely known cross belt technology. The idea behind a sanding belt running transversally to the conveyor direction is to erase traces along the length of the workpiece generated by a previous sanding unit. If this previous unit is an oblique one, which innately creates almost no sanding traces, the combination of the two makes for superb high gloss sanding quality.

No sanding, just planed or rough-sawn? These times are long gone. Architects and customers expect best visual quality even on load-carrying components - and this means: Sanding. Kündig offers specialised wide belt sanders that can handle the weight and size of laminated beams.

Swiss mechanical construction has a great reputation. Solid constructions, longevity and constant sanding performance. Kündig delivers solutions for industrial sanding applications with Swiss precision and reliability.