Customer bespoke: Portal Sander

A lot of engineering and innovation went into this exciting and complex project. The result: a sanding machine the likes of which most of us don't see every day. The main difference to a normal wide belt sander is quite obvious: Instead of a feed belt running around the machine table, in this design the entire vacuum table runs along high-precision guide rails. But what's the point? There are actually a few reasons, but let's take a look at the two most prominent advantages using two application examples:

Application example No. 1: A much higher and completely interruption-free vacuum performance can be achieved, which is necessary for the forces generated when planing rigid foam with extreme material removal of up to 20 mm per pass.

Application example No. 2: By eliminating the need for a rubber feed carpet (which naturally tends to compress slightly under high vacuum forces and workpiece weights), even smaller tolerances can be achieved when precision calibrating materials such as the fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels shown in the video.

In the version shown, the sanding unit has a planing shaft, a calibrating roller, and a fine sanding unit. It is controlled via one resp. two external control panels. The working width is 1600 mm. The entire machine was equipped with a model-specific soundproof cabin for this customer.


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