New extra wide Cross Belt Units

Previously only available on special order, the extra wide Xg and Hg cross belt units are now in our standard catalog. This version of our cross sanding units allows the use of extra long sanding belts. The standard X and H units, which are already aimed at users with the highest demands, are even surpassed by these extended versions. Depending on the working width and unit type, up to 80% more belt length is available. This increase in sanding belt length means even better sanding results on cross-grain wood and lacquer. Especially when sanding varnish, the improved cooling of the sanding belt is advantageous. Furthermore, a much improved belt life can be expected, which is very relevant especially in industrial production.

Compared to the Xg unit, the Hg unit is distinguished by the fact that it has a separate second motor to drive the chevron belt. With the individual adjustment of the speeds of sanding belt and chevron belt, the sanding track length is influenced, which means another valuable level of control over the sanding result, especially in high-gloss lacquer sanding.

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