Options for wide belt sanders

Belt cleaning device

Increases sanding belt lifespan, reduces clogging and therefore sanding traces on the workpiece

Belt insertion assistance

The belt insertion assistance facilitates changing sanding belts (especially particularly large ones exceeding 2000mm length or 1350mm width).

Workpiece retraction

Facilitates handling of heavy workpieces by allowing the operator to reverse conveyor belt direction if multiple passes are required.

Extra inlet height

Allows for sanding of very thick workpieces up to 500mm (20inches)

Table enhancement

The inlet and outlet table enhancement for the machine assists with handling of particularly large workpieces, like doors or big windows. The elaborate construction allows quick, space-saving stowage of both collapsible tables.

Workpiece cleaning

For the cleaning of workpieces there are different options available:

  • Air jet
  • Ionising to eliminate static charge on workpiece surface and facilitate dust blow-off, for example on high gloss lacquer workpieces
  • Horsehair Brush for gentle cleaning of surfaces