Accessories for our Wide Belt Sanders

Working Table Extensions

A variety of handling and working tables is available in different sizes, with a range of slide surfaces and rollers, as well as in folding or fixed versions.

Conveyor Belt

  • A selection of conveyor belts in various materials, thicknesses and perforations is available.
  • A motorized brush can be attached for the purpose of cleaning the feed belt

Table Vacuum

  • A table vacuum for the securing of workpieces is standard on machines with oblique sanding technology. For all other models it is available as an option
  • The small parts vacuum is suitable for sanding particularly small or difficult to fix workpieces.

Pressure Beams and Guide Plates

Depending on the requirements, a number of pressure beams can be delivered. Guide plates are also available:

  • Divided, segmented pressure beam at the inlet
  • Floating, sprung pressure beam
  • Rigid pressure beam

Belt Change Aid

Especially for units with long sanding belts or large working widths, the practical belt insertion aid device is of use.

Texturing Brush

Texturing brush unit mounted at the machine outlet. This is available with brushes in different versions, as well as with motorized or manual height adjustment mechanism. More Info

Extra Passage Height

The passage height of our sanding machines can be extended from 200 mm (8”) to up to 800 mm (32”) in order to sand very thick workpieces, such as purlins.

Workpiece Retraction Device

Facilitates handling of heavy workpieces by allowing the operator to reverse conveyor belt direction if multiple passes are required.

Lacquer Package

All KUNDIG wide belt sanding machines equipped with a segmented sanding pad are basically also available with the lacquer sanding package. It contains belt blow-off air jets, extraction ducts and a stepless regulation of sanding belt speed.

Sanding Belt Cleaning

We offer two types of sanding belt cleaning systems, typical air jet belt blow off and our Eco Cleaning System which doesn‘t require the use of compressed air.

Workpiece Cleaning

We offer a range of devices for cleaning of workpieces

  • Rotating air jets using compressed air
  • Eco Cleaning System, no compressed air required
  • Dust brush (horse hair)
  • Ionization device to eliminate static charge