All surface sanding tasks in one pass

Our Botop series of machines are built for double-sided sanding in just one pass. They combine above average performance, efficiency and excellent sanding quality on the workpiece's bottom and top.

Time saving and compact

A single employee is enough for feeding the machine. Integrating the system into automated production lines works flawlessly. Thanks to double-sided processing, most sanding tasks can be done in just one pass, which greatly improves efficiency and saves a lot of time. One of the main advantages of our Botop series of machines is the compact space requirements, which further facilitates integration into production lines. All of the technology is incorporated within the machine body.


The Botop series offers the convenience of double-sided processing in just one pass and combines it with options of parallel sanding or the Kündig exclusive oblique sanding technology. This technology has a variety of advantages: Sanding traces on the workpiece vanish, longer belt life span, less fiber-raising and therefore much finer surfaces.

Top and bottom sanding units are available as planers, brush units, calibration rollers and sanding pads, either pneumatic or segmented and electronically controlled. They offer, as usual, a very stable support, high precision build and above average life span. For high output applications and the heat build-up that comes with them, there are different belt lengths of 1900, 2000, 2620 and 3250 mm available.

Calibration Roller R Calibration Roller G Calibration Roller Rd Sanding Pad P/E Pneumatic Pad Pd Electronic Pad Ed
Calibration Roller Large Calibration Roller Calibration Roller oblique Sanding Pad electronic or pneumatic Sanding Pad oblique pneumatic Electronically controlled segmented Pad oblique

Working Widths

650mm 1100mm 1350mm 1600mm 1900mm 2200mm Other working widths on request

Sanding Pads

Pneumatic Pad

Well proven sanding pad technology, especially for solid timber processing. A continuous air cell provides even pressure on the workpiece.

Segmented Pad

The segmented pad is divided in segments either 35 or 22 mm wide. These segments are computer controlled and preferences can easily and thoroughly be adjusted by the operator. The electronically controlled, segmented pad is especially useful for taking care of those delicate workpiece edges on lacquered or veneered parts.

Pad Options

Segments and therefore the sensing rollers at the machine entry are available in 35 or 22mm width. Depending on the material that needs to be sanded, a variety of sanding shoe hardnesses are available. Two different hardness shoes are included from the factory.


The machine measures workpiece thickness and starts the sanding process automatically.
Touch Screen
The operator can choose between automated and customisable quick start programmes and manual operation adjusting all the relevant parameters.
  • Optionally available, large size industrial tableau without any analogue input options.
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Various types of conveyor belts available depending on application
  • For particularly small parts a small parts vacuum can be ordered, which generates a significantly stronger vacuum effect.
  • For specific applications, a vacuum pump power upgrade is available
  • Lacquer Package
  • Steplessly adjustable sanding belt speed
  • Belt cleaning with air jets
  • Extraction ducts
  • 22mm sanding pad segments instead of the usual 35mm ones
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