Sanding is not just one dimensional anymore. The Kündig CNC technology adds another dimension to plane-parallel sanding, thanks to a sanding unit that moves along the Z-axis.

CNC Wide Belt Sander for Contouring

Contoured parts that before could only be produced using manual sanding can now be sanded automatically, efficiently and with repeatable accuracy of just 1/10th of a millimetre thanks to our CNC sanding technology. 

The ski industry recognized the procedure of numerically controlled sanding, by Kündig, 10 years ago. Since then, almost every reputable ski producer uses the technology in order to make their serially produced and custom racing skis. According to the statement of a production manager from the racing department of one of the largest ski producers, this technology is "ground breaking", which is even reinforced by the fact, that almost every ski used in World championships and Olympic victories in disciplines like alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping and snowboarding are being processed using Kündig Technic CNC machinery.

Planing with a sander

Using CNC sanding technology, materials can be calibrated that usually prove to be difficult to process using planing machinery - foam, composite materials, honeycomb structures, molded plywood. Our CNC sanding technology allows for stock removal of up to 16mm (0.63inch) in just one pass.

Simple Application

The CNC sanding unit is being moved along the Z-unit. Unit-guides are therefore longer than usual. Spindle gears can be adjusted with minimal angular deviation which, in turn, improves workpiece tolerances. The programming is very user friendly - Basic 2D CAD knowledge suffices.