Despite the Kündig standard machine series being already very precise, the Technic Precision series goes even a step further and offers adjustment increments of just 1/100mm.

But even with Kündig standard production machines very tight tolerance requirements can be met thanks to a number of factors:

  • Sanding units can be adjusted to specifically compensate for varying sanding grain height of different sanding belts
  • All components are produced to the highest precision standards - from spindle gears, for height adjustments, to the sanding belt assembly
  • A sophisticated software monitors and corrects all relevant parameters

    Sanding with 1/100mm tolerances

    Ordinary sanders allow for adjustments in increments of 1/10th of a millimetre. Our Technic Precision series goes one step further. It allows adjustment using 1/100th millimetre increments.

    For demanding Calibration Applications

    Processing modern high-end materials to tolerances that are usually only known in precision mechanics is often impossible using traditional methods due to the properties that some of theses materials have. High precision sanding can be the solution that helps meet these high requirements in materials like carbon fiber. For example: Carbon fiber brake discs used in aircraft and automotive industry are processed with Kündig sanders. But the same requirements are often found in the wood processing industry too. Veneer sheets have to be calibrated so that close tolerances on the large dimensions of cross laminated beams made of veneers can be ensured.

    Constant tolerances

    Kündig Technic Precision sanders have shown results with extremely close tolerances of ±0.03mm across boards measuring 1200x2000mm. In a controlled environment, these specialised precision sanders allow for excellent reproducibility.