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The Swiss watch is also available as a sander


Swiss mechanical engineering has a great reputation. Its roots are in watchmaking, the most refined form of precision mechanics. Solid construction, extreme durability and reliable sanding performance - all of that is acquired with the purchase of a Kündig sander.



Furniture construction.

The surfaces are the first thing the customer sees and feels, which in many cases makes them one of the most important selling points - be it an oiled solid timber piece, veneer work or an exclusive lacquer job. It's the result that counts. Our sanders are there to help make sure, that not only the first, but also the second impression is as convincing as possible.


Oblique Sanding

The oblique sanding technology has already made itself a name in the industry. It doesn't only allow customary parallel sanding. The unit can also be pivoted for cross grain sanding - resulting in considerably finer surfaces and less sanding traces, compared to the standard method. The Kündig exclusive oblique sanding technology is very versatile and can be used for solid timber sanding as well as for lacquer applications.

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Parallel Sanding

The "classic" wide belt sanding technology. It has come a long way in the last few decades and has proven appropriate for many tasks. Kündig Premium series sanders incorporate parallel sanding and are well known for their reliability and their ability to produce very clean surfaces.

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Lacquer Sanding

The improved cutting ability of oblique sanding units proves to be perfect for intermediate lacquer sanding. It allows the operator to use finer grain sanding belts than usual and is usually enough to produce stunning lacquer results. Combined with the cross-belt technology, which is also well known for its traceless sanding abilities, the oblique technology moves machine aided high gloss lacquer work to another level.

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Brushes are great for structuring purposes, but not only that, they're also being used for the sanding of profiled surfaces, or to round off edges. It is a great addition to every wide belt sander and widens the scope of abilities. Kündig offers a whole variety of different brush options.

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Window production.

Single parts or frame to frame production?

Surface requirements on window frames are moving closer and closer to furniture standards. The technical difficulties of creating such surfaces on weather exposed parts are often not known by the end user. The only thing that really counts is the result.

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Single parts production

Kündig builds very compact sanders which are a perfect match for single parts oriented window production and can be seamlessly integrated into production lines.

Frame-by-frame production

In a frame-by-frame window production, there is one thing you can never have enough of: Width. Kündig offers working widths of up to 2200 mm as standard. The oblique sanding technology has distinct advantages with regards to frame-by-frame window production. Thanks to the double-oblique unit of the Vmax series which has been developed with window production in mind, the sashes can be inserted straight without having to rotate them, vibrations on the frame do not occur and sanding quality is top notch on long and cross grained sections thanks to the cross sanding effect the two oblique units generate. Subsequent manual sanding is, in most cases, no longer necessary.



Timber construction.

No sanding, just planed or rough-sawn? These times are long gone. Architects and customers expect best visual quality even on load-carrying components - and this means: Sanding. Kündig offers specialised wide belt sanders that can handle the weight and size of laminated beams.

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Stair construction.

Due to the complex shapes of stair components, cross grain sanding is often inevitable. This is why a big number of stair construction experts favour the oblique sanding technology. The pieces are becoming smoother, the need for manual sanding is reduced considerably.

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Timber industry.

Industrial sanding applications are mostly output oriented. The need for fast feed rates and high surface finish quality must somehow both be met. This can be achieved using Kündig top and bottom sanding machines.

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Specialised machines.

Whether it be exotic materials like foam glass, honeycomb structures or cork, whether it is aeroplane brakes or those on a 1000hp supercar - the sanding experts at Kündig are widely regarded by industry professionals as those who would likely find a solution to even the most specialised of surface processing challenges.

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