Boehler: Window sanding with handshake quality

Not only the trade with finest quality windows, but also the purchase of machines is a matter of trust at Böhler Fenster, a traditional company in Vorarlberg, Austria. With their new KUNDIG Technic it should not only be possible to achieve excellent sanding results but also to produce a rough sawn effect.

It is easily recognized that the people at Böhler Fenster (Austria) literally love their material, wood, with every fiber of their body. Andreas Böhler, who leads the 150 year old family business in fifth generation, doesn’t even have to be asked about plastic windows: “We do adore wood, it’s our thing. We don't touch rubber," he says with a mischievous smile, "that's what we call plastic windows.” Instead, the 45-employee company produces finest quality wood and wood-aluminum windows "and everything that makes up the outer skin of the building, including facades and front doors". The distribution runs into the Vorarlberg area, as well as into Switzerland through their sales branch, "also we do supply numerous carpenters and window dealers in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy."

Beyond standard size diagrams

When asked whether one senses the ever-increasing pressure from industrial window manufacturers, Böhler reacts calmly: "Yes, of course, we are already noticing that there are fewer and fewer skilled workers in many companies. But we have grown up with the material wood, we know exactly how to handle and process this noble material and our customers notice that too. That's why we have no problems in sales". Another way to distinguish ourselves in the market is to expand our product portfolio. Böhler has specialized in large, heavy elements - things that the industry doesn't even do: "Where the size diagrams usually stop, there is still a long way to go for us.

The highest quality window possible

And then there is the already mentioned Böhler quality. The interviewer speculates that you have to work particularly precisely when you deliver your products to carpenters. After all, the expert’s eye sees much more than an average private customer. But exactly this critical view of his products is explicitly desired by the authentic window maker: "We have the ambition to build the highest possible quality handcrafted window. If professionals, especially those who also make windows themselves, buy from us, then this is high praise and the best confirmation that we are on the right track". At Böhler, quality can be seen in detail. We only work with closed parapet joints, there is no such thing as rounded edges and, if desired, all fittings can be milled cleanly into the frame.

Customized sanding solution

To maintain these quality standards, the sanding machine was recently replaced. Böhler, who buys most of his machines from Hopfner Maschinen, has full confidence in his dealer based in neighboring Schwarzach: "Deals like this are sealed with a handshake, I've always been allergic to contracts, someone always loses," the entrepreneur says with a down-to-earth attitude despite the considerable size of his company. And Hopfner is also given a great deal of leeway when it comes to choosing a model: "Honestly, if Martin were running a different brand, I would probably have bought it. But of course, KUNDIG is quite a name. In this case I'm admittedly glad that he represents them". In the subsequent discussions, the needs were determined together with the Swiss sanding machine manufacturer and a particularly individual sanding solution was developed.

Saw finish with cross belt unit

In fact, the KUNDIG Technic Cross-4 delivered in spring 2018 is certainly not an average joinery machine. It combines four sanding units, two contact rollers, a segmented sanding pad with oblique sanding technology, which ensures a high-quality sanding image on both the longitudinal and the transverse grain sections of the window frames, and finally a special feature: A cross belt unit, also with oblique sanding technology, is located at the machine exit: "The oblique cross sanding unit was designed especially for us," says Böhler. However, the intended use is unusual for such a unit: "Equipped with a very coarse-grained sanding belt, it is used by us especially for the production of a rough sawn finish ". And to ensure that a organic, authentic texture is drawn at right angles to the workpiece, taking into account the feed speed, the cross belt must be slightly inclined. Further requirements concerned, above all, the workpiece dimensions. The high passage opening of 250 mm is particularly practical for lift and slide doors, and working widths can never be enough in window construction anyway, especially when sanding windows frame by frame, as Böhler does. And what about the sanding quality: "Excellent", Böhler says with a satisfied tone, "Our KUNDIG Technic keeps its promises. We are really satisfied with it.”

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